Sunday, 31 July 2011

An Idyllic Weekend

Team Hawkeye had a fantastic weekend. It was one of those weekends where the sun shined, we had great plans with great people, and everything worked out. We had two really wonderful days in a row - the kinds of days that make us glad we are here in Cambridge, because we could never have done these things in Edmonton.

On Saturday, our Cool Friends from London (Alex & Naomi Glancy) came up to Cambridge with Alex's sister Eva (New Cool Friend from London). We went for a punt, a picnic and a pint . . . well, a few pints and a bottle of Cava... :)
Nice Family Photo - Eliz is having a little nap in her boat-jacket. She played herself out at the picnic.

This was when Alex stepped in stinging nettles while photographing Eliz in the bigl field where we picnicked.  It is just when I went to put Eliz's boots back on, after she had kicked them off, but before she fell into a bush of stinging nettles and cried for a bit. Luckily, a dog came and distracted her from the pain. Alex had to dangle his feet in the river for a few minutes to dull his pain... who's the baby now???
Another Nice Family Photo - can be used as evidence to prove that Eva does, in fact, live in the UK with G & Naomi. And that G has pretty good punting skillz.
All in all a lovely day. Followed by a great Sunday barbecue at Laura & Ollie's house. Laura is my cousin and Ollie is her fiancé, and they're good peeps. We went to their place in Mountfitchet - it's about a 30 minute train ride from Cambridge (aka "just up the road"). The sun shone all afternoon, and we had a really good time together, just chatting. Elizabeth loved climbing the very steep stairs in their house, but not at much as she loved the guinea pigs. Ollie made the hugest burgers known to man, and we ate like kings. And they lent us the DVDs of the Brit version of The Office. For the record: I truly believe that episode 17 of season 7 of the American version of The Office is the funniest television show I have ever seen (Threat Level Midnight , anyone?) I have my reservations that the British version will be funnier to me than the American one, but I am ready to give it a chance. Stay tuned.

On the train on the way home, we were the only people in our carriage. This was really great, because Elizabeth talked and sang and happy-yelled the whole way home. The whole way home. Even on the bike. She had a lot on her mind, I guess. Maybe she was just reviewing the awesomeness of the weekend?

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