Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Time for a Haircut??

Elizabeth's hair has suddenly grown a lot. Well, maybe not so much that it's grown all of a sudden, maybe more like all of a sudden we're noticing it. It is this bright blonde that is unachievable with dye, and has lovely little curls - in other words, 100% beautiful.

I can even put it up in full pigtails, which in England are called 'bunches', which has joined my vernacular of Britishisms.

But it is waaaaay too long in the front. She looks like Justin Bieber unless I pull it back. As well, she's started this very teenager-esque way of squinting through it, and tries to flip it back without using her hands, leading to this neck-twitch-half-hair-flip thing.

My Little Bieb.


HerMamma said...

My theory on little girl's hair is that you should let it grow until the day BOTH you and her are annoyed by it. For Kirsten it was age six, lol.

RL said...

Trimming bangs is a slippery slope, mine eventually got more and more accumulated, until they started more than halfway to the back of my head. Trimming is OK, but I say go pro.