Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Marriage: Intact.

Just wanted to share with the world that my marriage is as strong as . . . something really strong. We have made it through some pretty big stuff - moving to another country, having a baby together, putting together Ikea furniture - but tonight we had a serious accomplishment. Matthew helped me figure out how to put photos into a grid in PowerPoint, and then add captions, and then line them all up properly, and then save the slide as a JPEG so that I could insert it into my blog. So now I can have little grids of photos! I am so excited!

But get this, all you computer savvy-folks, and especially those of you who make presentations for a living: he didn't get frustrated when I didn't care if the photos were not perfectly in line with each other, even though looking at the lopsided grid was clearly burning his eyes. But he did tell me how to center them all properly using these fast little shortcuts, so I ended up wanting to line them up anyways - did you notice those beautifully aligned photos??

I could see he wanted to just take over and just do it by the way his hands twitched every so often, and I could tell the fact that I didn't know this stuff was kind of unbelievable to him. But he didn't even try to 'drive' the computer even one time. That's what Love is.

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