Monday, 4 July 2011

Crisis: Averted

It was Father's Day on June 19th, and Elizabeth & I were still in Edmonton while Matthew had come back to Cambridge to get back to work. Matthew is a really wonderful Daddy, so I had to get him something good. Also, he bought me this beautiful coat on Mother's Day, so I was doubly obligated:

 I ended up getting him an Oiler's T-shirt, these shorts:

and a banana yellow polo shirt. Matthew's Dad Holger came shopping with me, and he bought Matthew this awesome shirt that I totally love:
It really needs to be ironed...
The only thing I bought for myself while in Canada was a cookbook - call me Captain McLamePants, whatever. It is called Eat, Shrink and Be Merry, and I only bought it because my friend Nancy uses it all the time, and we always have great meals at her place. So the first thing I made out of the cookbook was Sticky Chicky, and the recipe called for soy sauce. Rather than buy the smaller bottle that would fit in our cupboard, we bought the huge bottle, which was cheaper, and after I was done, we lay it down on its side in the cupboard full of stuff that doesn't really fit in any cupboards, like the huge ziplock bags full of ziplock bags that my sister lugged across the world for me.

When Matthew was feeding Elizabeth that night, she refused the Sticky Chicky (which was awesome, but a bit spicy for a baby), but she was okay with the spaghetti sauce from the night before, which he promptly spilled right onto his brand new shorts! Crisis!! But no worries, we stain-remover-sprayed those bad boys, and then I left them overnight in laundry detergent water to soak, and I cleverly put the bowl on top of the microwave so no one would knock it over.

This morning: Major Crisis!! The soy sauce had leaked, and dripped down right onto his shorts, and into the bowl of water. His shorts were effectively soaking in brown, salty water. I immediately scrubbed those bad boys, and then took them to the laundry before anything else could drip onto them. And here is the product placement of the day: Ariel Stain Remover is where it's at, because his shorts are perfect now!!

What completes this story is this: last year Matthew got a new wallet for Father's Day, and the very next week, he was pickpocketed and someone stole it. (Or he accidentally threw it out with other stuff - we're still a bit fuzzy on that one...) So as soon as he saw the soy sauce disaster, he said, "And this is why we can't buy me nice things."

As a final note: Elizabeth is nowhere near potty-trained, but she does like to sit in her potty - one foot on the ground, one foot in the potty, and she sits her little bum on the back. She is so cool. And now her hair is long enough for full pig-tails. She's a big girl now!

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