Thursday, 14 July 2011

He's So Cambreej

When he was visiting here, my big brother Chris started calling Cambridge "Cambreej" (pronounciation: cam-breej). I'm not really sure how it all started, but I now live in Cambreej, not Cambridge. And I know I've already discussed the Cambridge 'uniform' for hipsters - for girls it's short-shorts and horizontally-striped tops, usually with high heeled boot-shoes, and for boys it's super tight jeans and horizontally-striped tops with fedoras and sunglasses. There are a lot of stripes going on here this season. But Chris noticed a whole new breed of Cambreej - the Academics. The 'chinos and button downs, with a sweater tied around their neck', and the 'blazer with plaid shorts and a satchel/man-purse' set. You know the ones. They will probably own corduroy sport coats later in life.

Anyways, Chris was so Cambreej while he was here. He had a bike, a messenger bag, and a blazer. BOOM! He's Cambreejian.

Oh yes, he DID wear plaid shorts and a blazer to our local pub. He's a confident man.
I'm not sure what the headband was about, but it was hysterical. Love the guitar strapped on the back too. Seriously, I look at this picture and I laugh. Everytime. Love the Cheese.

Don't worry, he didn't look like that when we went out and about. He looked like this:

 My brother is SO Cambreej.

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