Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Music Appreciation à la Elizabeth

I have to post these pics and these videos now, even though there are other blog posts waiting to be written. They are just too sweet to hold onto. To be honest, they are so cute it kind of hurts inside when I watch them. At any rate, I hope everyone will be okay with a little time-warping every now and again.
Now you will have that tune in your head for the next week and a half. Mwa ha ha!
We went to a fair-thing in Cambridge this past weekend, and there was a carousel, fairground rides, a craft tent, and a lot of opportunities for people-watching.
 The best part though, hands down, was the music on the big main stage. Elizabeth loved it, and was a dancing machine. She has some great moves, including a fast-forward bum-wiggle. I think she gets it all from me.

 PS I can't figure out how to set the volume on the video, so it will probably be really loud - you might want to turn down the speakers...
And after each song, she would look at us, and the stage, and do the sign for "more". And then applaud. But mostly, just say "more". I adore her.

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Brooke said...

Tiny Elizabeth doesn't look so tiny anymore. I love her pigtails.