Friday, 22 July 2011

I Have a Condition

When I was little, my brother and sisters used to trick me into doing their chores by saying things like, "George, I bet you can't empty the dishwasher in a commercial break." To which I would reply, "Can so!", and they would tell me I was too little and too slow to do it. So I would go and empty the dishwasher super fast, just to show them! Oh, little Georgina...
Now I am living proof that these kinds of 'games' have a lasting impact. Yesterday, after dinner, we saw a dog in the courtyard in front of our house, and of course Elizabeth went crazy  for it. So she and Matthew went out to play - I had decided to sit on the couch and read my magazine instead. But then, as soon as they left, I thought, "I could probably do the dishes while they're out there, and just get them done." And then halfway through the dishes, I thought, "I bet I can finish the dishes, and take the garbages out before they're back." And then I had my realization that these kinds of 'beat the clock' games with myself are a complete product of my siblings' trickery, and it all culminated with, "I bet I can finish the dishes, take the garbages out, and blog about this realization before they come back."

Turns out, I did finish the dishes, but not the garbages or the blogging. So instead, I'm blogging now, and getting it all done before my hard boiled eggs are done.


Janine said...

I'm not sure if it's a product of your childhood, or just the OCD tendencies that Dave and I exhibit.

I am always racing myself. It's how a get about 80% of things done in my life. I put them off, and then try to fit them all into a small window of time between more important events in my life.

And by events, I mostly mean TV

mere said...

Awesome post!

Brooke said...

I can totally relate..I'd do anything of a timer was involved.