Monday, 28 May 2012

Weather Forgiveness

I think it rained every single day in April this year. Not all day, but every day. (Okay, Matthew just looked it up, and it rained 24 out of 30 days in April - so sue me.) I was starting to get really bummed out about it, but then I thought about how nursery rhymes and sayings are always super old, and a lot of super old things come from England, and so I guessed "April showers bring May flowers" might be British and therefore something to hold onto.

Not so!! It rained 16 out of the first 21 days of May. Cue hysterical tears from me. But then! Gasp! The sun came out! The sky was clear and blue, and Georgina was SOOOOO HAPPY!!! Colours were brighter, the air was sweeter, food tasted better!! Life was wonderful!! I instantly forgot about the last six weeks of cloudy, grey skies!! I immediately forgave England for all her rain!

We had a glorious weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. On Saturday we went to this playground that has a wading pool, and yes, we were one of those families with a baby in a sunhat and nothing else. (I had only brought one extra diaper, so we couldn't risk wasting it getting all full of pool water and then have a poopy diaper situation afterwards...) We invited our friends who don't have children to join us - the thing about a wading pool is that it's awesome to cool down and laze around beside one, but if you don't have kids, you run the risk of looking like a pedophile. It was a beautiful day. Then we went home and had a bbq in the evening sun. I had to move our table into the very corner of our garden, in order to be in the sun for the as long as possible.

Then on Sunday, instead of going all the way to a wading pool, we brought the wading pool to us. Namely, a couple of big tupperwares (normally our toyboxes), half-filled with water. We threw in a bunch of her plastic toys, and a couple of bowls and stacking cups, and let me tell you: Elizabeth had a blast. She kept saying, "Buzz Lightyear goes swimming!!!"

We didn't bother with a bathing suit again - but she fell in love with her sunhat, and thought it was hilarious to drop it in the water and then put a wet hat on her head. So funny! She had so much fun playing on her own, that Matthew & I were able to play a whole game of Scrabble with minimal interruptions. (Final score: G 364 to M 295, booyah!!)

Matthew & I had that conversation that I'm sure a billion other people have had, about how you have to have bad weather to appreciate the good. I totally disagree: You have to have good weather to forget that you ever had bad weather. And all it takes is one sunny day to make all the grey days totally forgiven and forgotten.

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