Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pub Quiz Part Two: Win a Chocolate Bar!

It's happened: I am in love with Pub Quizzes. Last week I went with some friends, and we came third! We were so chuffed - 'chuffed' is one of my new British words, meaning 'pretty damn pleased with myself'.

In honour of our amazing improvement from last place to third, I'm holding an international pub quiz here. I cannot wait to see who wins!!

1. You must email your answers to me by Friday,  May 25 at 1700h GMT. (That means Friday at noon for you Albertans.) Send to
2. I'm using some of the questions from the pub quiz and some from Canadian history and common knowlege. I will also put in some that I am pretty sure everyone will know, so you will all get at least some right, and won't feel dumb.
3. The person with the highest score wins. (Duh.) However, no one can get 100%. The person closest to 100% correct wins - this will decrease the internet usage for cheating purposes. If you get 100%, I will expose you to all the readers of the blog. Mwa ha ha! That means that if all of a sudden, all of the Brits know stuff about Canadian history: exposed! And if the Albertans suddenly know any historical castle forts in the UK: exposed!
4. The winner will receive one delicious chocolate bar in the post! So much fun!! Also: I know 25 questions seems like a lot, but I needed to include lots from this week's quiz because seriously: who knows this stuff??

ZOMG this is so much fun!

Okay, here are the questions. You ready?

1. What is the largest state in the contiguous USA (lower 48)?
2.What is the name of the mountain that Noah's ark came to rest atop? In which modern country is that mountain found?
3. An osier is which species of tree?
4. What is the Statue of Justice holding in her left hand, on the top of Old Bailey in London?
5. Logan Airport is in which American city? (Side note and hint: the answer is not 'Chicargo', which was what one of the opposing teams actually wrote down...)
6. In which English county is the iron age hill fort called Maiden Castle, and which town does it overlook?
7. Cincinnati is in which state?
8. November 1st is what day according to the Catholic Church calendar?
9. What's Sidney Crosby's number?
10. Who played football/soccer for Notthingham Forest and Manchester United & then managed Sunderland?
11. What is the Quentin Tarantino film starring John Travolta and Uma Thurman?
12. What is the epithet applied to the city of Rome?
13. What's the name of the dog from Garfield?
14.What highway links Edmonton & Calgary?
15. What is the common term for Tinea Pedis?
16. If you had a stamp with CCCP on it, where did it come from?
17. What's the capital of Manitoba?
18. Who was the first Canadian Prime Minister?
19. Who started the Marathon of Hope?
20. What's my daughter's first name?
21. Who is this? Hint: he was a steeplejack. (As if anyone from Canada even knows what that means.)

22. Who is this:

23. In which grocery store would you be able to buy these:

24. What store has this logo:

25. These lyrics are from a 1965 hit for a female US R&B group - name the group and the song:
"But is her sweet expression worth more than my love and affection" 

 Good Luck!!! Oooh, I'm so excited!!

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