Thursday, 3 May 2012

BOOM! Democracy!!

I voted today. It was awesome. I love being a British Citizen and voting. Also, these photos were taken outside of the Polling Station - just in case you suspected we had taken photos inside the room, which would obviously be not allowed - as we were staunchly informed by the volunteer-voting-station-running people... Well, really only one British "Old Lady" took offense to me trying to have my photo taken - the other 3 at the table were stoked to see someone so excited to exercise her democratic right. Also, said "Old Lady" was probably only 50, so not old, just Old with a capital O.

I must fit the suspect profile of an electoral fraudster thus am very likely to leak all my dangerously informative, terribly-low-quality voting photos to the press. Better safe than sorry. Good call, Old Lady.

Thumbs up for voting!!!

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TxapulĂ­n said...

We had exactly the same experience when we voted one year ago. We tried to take a picture of the great moment and it was forbidden! Things that happen in this country.

We'll go tonight when I arrive from work.

Alex. (From Alex, Estela, Eric and Marc)