Wednesday, 9 March 2011

One More Step Towards Britishdom: Laundry.

We don't have a washing machine - in the space where we could put a washing machine, we have a freezer instead. It was a good call - you do laundry maybe once a week, whereas you eat everyday. Plus we have a little laundromat for our complex, and since I can be home during the day, I can zip over and get ours done without waiting in line. And sometimes I can get both loads done at once, which makes me feel like I'm saving time, therefore winning at life.

We have a little drying aerial thing in our back yard, but every time I do laundry, it is grey and cold, and not ideal for drying. I tried once, and the laundry hung from about 10 am to 6 pm, and was still totally soaked. So I just use the dryers in the laundromat, which is expensive and annoying. Expensive because it is 20p for 8 minutes (about 40cents for 8 minutes), so it's 1.40£ for about an hour. Annoying because I have to keep a huge stash of 20p coins, because most loads take about an hour to dry. But yesterday, the sun was shining and lovely in the morning, so of course my first thought was, "go to the laundromat!!!". I felt super British with my towels and clothes blowing around and drying. So energy efficient am I.
But the weirdest thing is: we have missing socks since we've been here - 11 weeks, and already seven missing socks. Where do those buggers go??


Chrissy said...

British laundry sounds stressful to me. And I think that I am missing the same white sock with black strip as you. I can send you my single if you wish so you can have a full pair! Lol

Susan said...

I think I have the mate to the pink and leopard print sock,