Monday, 28 March 2011

A Nice Day in Cambridge

 I'm a bit behind in my bloggedy blog because Matthew was away for a week, and I was (let's be honest) really not enjoying the single parenting gig. This was one of our 'best' conversations while he was gone:
Me: "I hate this. I am exhausted. No one comes home in the evening when you're gone."
Matthew: "I know, it must be so tiring."
Me: "Seriously, this is not what I signed up for. You can't go away for this long again."
Matthew: "Okay."
Me: "No, I'm being serious. And don't die. Because then you would never come home."
Matthew: "I'm not going to die."
Me: "Yeah, well just don't, because if you do, I am going to remarry right away - probably the next week. And it won't be a marriage for love, it will be a marriage for co-parenting."

That is pretty much how rational I was all week.

But one morning - was it Tuesday? Maybe Wednesday? (They all blended together in my sleep-deprived mind. Elizabeth has a gift for forgetting how to sleep through the night when her Dad is out of town.) Anyways, one morning we were on our way somewhere, and I had to stop and get off the bike to take a moment to remind myself that I live in a beautiful city, and that I have a pretty sweet life these days. Evidence:
Awesome green bike. I saw 4 green bikes that morning. Best day ever? I think so too.

The entire city is covered in daffodils. They are such a happy flower, I love them.

The river Cam. All the trees are beautiful and green. Sorry Canadians, if this is making you kind of hate me.

Elizabeth points at ducks and swans now. She points a lot when we ride along the river.

And on an unrelated note: bike theft in Cambridge is really high - something crazy like 6 out of 10 bikes get stolen. (Okay, I totally made up that statistic, but it's pretty high.) But I had to laugh out loud when I saw this when I got home:
This bike owner is taking no chances! Love it!

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Andrea said...

You did great G! I have those same conversations when Craig goes away... Glad he is home!