Thursday, 31 March 2011

I'm kind of a Pioneer.

We have a really small hot water tank in our new house. It is so small that whoever gets in the shower second has to have a really quick one otherwise it runs cold. Usually this is me, and I consider it a small price to pay for sleeping in an extra 20 minutes in the morning while Matthew showers & Elizabeth plays in the bathroom. (Her new fave toys are the squeegee to 'clean' with, and the toothbrushes to chew.)

I don't know if you can tell, but she is chewing on a toothbrush in this shot. Honest.

Anyways, the other problem with small hot water tanks is that you sometimes don't have hot water for dishes - and I hate doing dishes in cool water. SICK. It just feels like you're not actually cleaning anything, and afterward you have cold hands which I also hate. So I usually have to pioneer-up, and boil water for dishes . . . in my electric kettle.

I'm practically a homesteader.

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