Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stair Master

Elizabeth lo-o-o-o-oves stairs. Here is evidence:
She's getting pretty quick at it, and has this very efficient technique of only using one knee - and she always leads with her left, so you have to start her at the very far right of the staircase otherwise she climbs into the wall on the left. (Lack of spatial awareness = totally from my side of the gene pool.) The other day I was awarded the Parent of the Year 2011 for forgetting to close the baby gate at the bottom of the staircase, and by the time I realized she was out of the room, she was half-way up the second flight of stairs... whoopsies... we don't forget to do the gates up anymore.

We took Elizabeth to this International Lunch that was held by the Newcomer's Society (aka the Old Ladies). Elizabeth's favourite part was the huge staircase in the church where the lunch was held. My favourite part was the entertainment. First, a trio of Israelis playing English flutes (aka recorders):
In true Old Lady form, after their piece, someone stood up and asked (with her eyes closed), "Can you tell us, please, who is the composer, and from what century was your piece?" (Seriously.)
Second on the program: A kind of installation art, where the artist wondered what it was like to experience visual art independently, with no impact from the other audience members. And so, she brought in this black box-type thing with a hole cut in the bottom of it, and volunteers sat in the middle of the room while the 'artists' moved this box around the volunteer, who looked at the inside of the box while listening to a recording through a headset. (I said, 'artists' because we couldn't figure out if this was intended as art, or if it was her research project for her PhD or something.)

See the square part resting on the table? That was where the hole was, and then the girl in red held one end, and her assistant held the other end and they circled the volunteer. Oh, and the whole rest of the audience had to stay quiet for them to 'truly experience' the art. It was a bit of an elaborate set up.   

Neither Matthew nor I volunteered, and so we will never truly experience art, I guess. This is what Elizabeth looked like during the entire 'entertainment' section:
And that is how I know she loved the stairs best.


Gina said...

What a pretty baby girl! Love her.

The old ladies are hilarious! I wish I knew what they said about the boxed art presentation. Whatever it was, I am sure it was said in hushed tones. Or perhaps they just closed their eyes at each other?

Chrissy said...

I love the little crawl away really really fast to whatever she was going for at the top of the stairs.
These English old ladies are really starting to crack me up. They really don't have lives do they? Or they may need to pull the Cambridge stick out of there bums. Lol