Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wagamama? No, Wagababy.

Matthew & I love this noodle house chain called Wagamama. (www.wagamama.com) Everyone sits at communal picnic-style tables, and the menu is your standard noodle house fare. We love it.

Lucky for us there is one in Cambridge! And doubly lucky for us: Elizabeth also loves it.
Chopsticks = not the greatest toy option, but great to chew on when your gums are sore.

Cramming noodles in her mouth.

Haha, tilty-head eater!!

"More Please!!"

They have the same kind of 'high-chair' that we have - the Phil & Ted MeToo chair. It has 2 c-clamps to attach it to any table or counter, and then your baby is at the same height as the table without the separation or footprint of a traditional high chair. Elizabeth loves to swing her legs while they dangle. Or cross her ankles - she's a lady.

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Janine said...

1. Super jealous of your life.
2. Can you even remember what you took pictures of before Elizabeth?