Monday, 28 March 2011

A Holiday in Kent

Elizabeth & I went to visit my cousin Emma for a few days last week. Emma is married to Paul James, and they have two lovely children, Millie & Henry. I am certain they have the British-est names ever. They live in this delightful little village called Lower Halstow, in Kent. (For those of you who wonder: the travel to her place was wonderfully easy: bus to Cambridge Rail station, non-stop train to Kings Cross, cross the road to St Pancras International train station, and onto a high speed train there. It was 4 hours and fine. Elizabeth tried to crawl/walk on the train, which was kind of funny, in a baby-looks-drunk kind of way.)

When I say this village is 'delightful', I mean it - it is totally delightful. In the mornings, all the Mums walk their children to school, and wait until the bell rings, and then wave as the kids go inside - and I mean, all  the Mums. It's so nice feeling. And the nursery (aka pre-school) is just around the corner (for real, not in the British sense), and both schools are on School Lane. :) Hee hee hee, that is just too quaint. Emma says hello to every single dog-walker, and knows all their names - everyone says good morning to each other, and "how was blah-dee-blah last week?" "Oh, it was lovely! Everyone had a great time!", or "Did you manage to get your fence fixed?", or "It's going to be a beautiful day, isn't it?" It's kind of like living in a musical - so positive-feeling.

Emma lives on Lapwing Drive - hello, Harry Potter could live in this neighbourhood!!! But the best, best, best part about Lower Halstow is that Emma's neighbour has ducks that live in their front garden. No jokes. Emma says there are about 30 ducks that live in this front garden, and they lay their eggs there. Then when they hatch, the Mummy Ducks take their little Baby Ducklings on a walk to the pond nearby, and they have a little swim, and then all walk back together in a line. I am going to have to go back when the babies are born - right now they are just laying their eggs.
There is a nest of egg just by the bird feeder. One Mummy Duck never left her little nest. :)

Who doesn't want to live on Lapwing Drive???? I am officially jealous of the James family.


Beau said...

Hey Georgina~ Just gotta say, I'm really enjoying your li'l blog. As always, you're an injection of sunshine into even the dreariest of days. I love your contagious optimism, and am so thrilled that you and the fam are getting this amazing experience. Also, I'm not sure if I passed it along yet, but please do give Dr. Hawkeye a high-five from me. That's some kind of wicked accomplishment! Your daughter is beautiful!

<3 Beau

jennyxls said...

I guess there are no married dogs in Lower Halstow, probably moved to Upper Halstow.
Glad you all had fun and super fast chuffer rides.
Hugs to all,j.

emma said...

Hello my darling, glad you love our little village, it is a very cool place to live! Just thought I would update you all by saying that we have DUCK EGGS in our front garden!!!! Super cool or what?!! Looking forward to them hatching!