Thursday, 3 March 2011

Experimental Video

I just figured out how to use the video recorder on my Blackberry. We have been here 6 weeks and I only just realized my phone had a video camera. Awesome.

Here is my first video of Elizabeth. We were having lunch, and this is a very typical lunchtime conversation. Her smile at the end is kind of to die for. Enjoy.


Chrissy said...

So cute. Her and Leah should have a Skyp conversation!! And look at those bottom teeth!

Heather said...

Yes G, you are right. I just died. :)

Breanna K said...

I swear she said "Maybe" and you didn't even acknowledge it! That was cute, lets Skype soon.

jennyxls said...

I think she talks very well and her English accent is already established. God I love her smiles; she is just priceless.
I expect you have heard that Lucy and James have a baby girl - but if not, they have - 6lb 10.5 oz - as yet name unknown.

Glad you found out how to video. Now I'll need to learn how to keep a copy up/download all bafflegab.

Tons of love to you all and to Elizabeth "gelo fub dee lo pee dad bruble je nee bong tisw"
Jenni. xxx

Anonymous said...

she is a real beaut!

Susan said...

Soooo cute!

I heard a lot of repeated Da-da-da-da's. Has Matthew been coaching her?

Or perhaps these were simply labial fricatives?