Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Does the Temperature Really Mean To You?

Because to me, it doesn't really mean anything. I check the weather every day, and then, regardless of the temperature shown, I dress myself & Elizabeth in a pants, a shirt, a sweater, winter jacket, mitts, toque, and scarf. Because it is November 17, and that means it must be cold out. I am Canadian, through and through. As a result, Elizabeth & I are often nice and warm, because the average temperature here has been about 10º. But it still feels cold to me - obviously not Alberta-cold, but still cold enough to need a hat under the bike helmet...

We are going to Barcelona tomorrow, and it's supposedly 15º there. But what does that really mean? Do I pack shorts or pants? I don't know - because it's November 17, so obviously, it's winter everywhere, right??

And another thing: there's no such thing as a thermostat to heat your house here (well, at least not in our house). Everyone says, 'turn up the radiator until you're comfortable'. Hello, fiscal danger: I would be comfortable at about 26º, and that would be lotsa £££ - and Matthew would probably be okay down to about 15º, so how do we figure that out? How do you know if your house is the right temperature unless the furnace automatically comes on when the temperature drops below 21º?? :)
This picture has nothing to do with anything, but how cute is my family?

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Estela said...

Hi Georgina, First time writing a commet in your blog.

Interesting how in some places there is not thermostat! In the 2 places where we lived before we didn't have and now we do! and it makes our lives easier and happier. I know, definetively, it should be colder by now.

Regarding your trip to Barcelona. I know is not as cold as here, but PLEASE do not pack shorts!

The weather is going to be milder, but not enough to wander the streets in shorts and flip-flops! Though some brits probably would do it either.

Hope you enjoy! If it's your first time. There is so much to see! One of my favourite cities. Maybe is becasuse my dear half orange was born and breed in Barcelona or because our love story started there.

Be prepare to walk and walk and don't forget to climb up the "Sagrada Familia" nice views.

Well, you take care and see you soon.