Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Beep Beep Beep!

Elizabeth has become a bit of a car nut. And a housewares nut. We went to a playgroup at St Andrew the Great - a church who's acronym is STAG!! Love it! The playgroup is called Bounce-A-Round, and it's one of my favourites because I invariably meet someone new there (this week: a cool gal named Rose), and they give the Mums/Dads/Carers coffee or tea in a real mug. This is invaluable. Coffee tastes so much better in a real mug. Even instant coffee. That last part is a lie: instant coffee tastes terrible no matter what, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Anyways, today Eliz was all over the 'house' area - they have a little sink, and an oven and fridge, and a little 'hob' (aka stovetop or burners.  I know - hob?? What kind of a name is that??!) and Eliz and this boy named Rowan were having a serious cooking show demonstration. Then she re-discovered the drive-yourself cars.

The first (and last) time she 'drove' one of these was a long time ago, and after chewing the steering wheel, she fell right through the hole in the bottom and got stuck. I was cleverly taking this photo instead of preventing her from falling, earning me one of my many Mum Of The Year ribbons.
Look how little she was!! This was taken March 30, 2011!!! So cute!!
Since then, she's been a bit leery of the big cars. Until today!! She was all 'beep beep beep' like the big kids!! She abandoned her cooking and took to the roads!! Her favourite was definitely the sporty red convertible, but she did take the family sedan for a test drive:

Can it be? Is she a little girl now, and not a baby?? Yeah right!!

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Nikki Finnemore said...

Loving the 2.5C, Lady Hawkeye!