Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Crappy Video Quality, Cute Video Content.

Elizabeth is a music lover. She is a dancing, clapping, singing, moving machine. And she is developing tastes - she likes male voices better than female voices, she totally digs early '90s classics (see previous posts that include everyone's favourite song Sandstorm), and she is not a fan of girly singers like Joni Mitchell. Sometimes if a girly singer is on the radio - especially Adele! - she'll point at it and say, "No, Mummy. No."

Every morning when I'm doing my hair, she plays the radio on the alarm clock. At first she just liked to turn it on and off using the Sleep and Snooze buttons, and do her super quick dance moves when it was on. Now she also turns the tuning dial and the volume dial. So before going to sleep, Matthew has to check the volume so it doesn't scare the crap out of us in the morning. Here is a poor quality video of her cuteness. Enjoy.

Our other fave thing to do lately is pretend that Elizabeth is "just a baaaayyybeeeeeee" and cuddle her, and then attack her with tickles. Hilarity ensues.

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