Friday, 4 November 2011

It's Just Like Riding A Bicycle

We have been in Canada for 3 weeks, and now I feel like I haven't written any blogs in so long that (a) no one checks the site anymore, (2) I have too many stories and therefore all imminent blog posts will be annoyingly long, and (d) I'm not funny anymore. (Yes, I am aware that I've done the (a), (2), (d) joke before - evidence of (d)). (Am I supposed to do a double bracket there??? Does anyone know the rule on that??) And so, no, blogging is not just like riding a bicycle, it's more like trying to look cool after falling off your bicycle.

So instead of writing a ton of details about our trip, I'll just say this: The things we really liked about home, we still really like about home. The things we really didn't like about home, we still really don't like about home. And the things we really love about home are never going to change. And that is the best thing to remember when the sky is grey and heavy in Cambridge, and you are desperate for big blue, open Alberta sky.

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