Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Another Road Trip

Look at me! I have keys!!!
Today Elizabeth and I are going on another public transport adventure. My Nana (not to be confused with my Nanny) lives in 'sunny' Bognor Regis on the southern coast of England. It is anywhere between 136 miles and 158 miles (218 km to 254 m) away from Cambridge, depending on the route you're taking. FYI, if you're driving, it takes approximately 2 hours & 45 minutes vs 3 and a half hours on public transport, vs 1 day & 14 hours if you want to walk. I love Google Maps!!

I am going with E today, and Matthew is coming down on Friday after work. I have decided to take Elizabeth in the Baby Bjorn (big shout out to the Trendels for trading a Bjorn for an afternoon of Matthew photographing their kids!!), and I will have a sports bag and a diaper bag. I am a sherpa.

Our journey is: bus from our house to Cambridge rail station. Overland train from Cambridge to King's Cross in northern London. Underground train to Victoria station in central/southish London. Overland train to Bognor Regis.
The reason I am not taking a stroller is that both Victoria and King's Cross have stairs that lead from the tube platform to the massive elevators. I am not ready to depend on the kindness of strangers to help me lift my stroller (and child) up these flights of stairs, nor am I really brave enough to go on an escalator with the stroller when it's full of stuff (and my child). I have an irrational fear of the stroller flipping forwards or backwards when we're on the escalator, and Elizabeth tumbling out of it, and then someone has to push the Emergency Stop button and then I am the reason for a major London Underground train delay. It's just not worth it; I will have a sore back and get to Bognor Regis sherpa-style. 

I will try hard to capture my journey in photography, for your amusement. You should read that sentence as: I have packed my camera, and maybe I'll remember to actually get it out of the bag. :)

Here are some photos of Elizabeth & Matthew (all taken on the blackberry, so poor quality, sorry). Big news: I can see two little teeth poking their way through her bottom gums. Toothless Wonder, no more!! Time to start weaning???  :)

There must be some value to sitting on the potty. She likes to 'brush' her teeth while I brush my teeth. She sits there and chomps on Matthew's toothbrush. One of these days she's going to fall forward and gag herself on the toothbrush, but until that day comes, we have a sweet little gig going here. 

My 2 favourite people


Gina said...

I am sure Nana will have a nice cup of tea for you at the end of your adventure, but I hope she has a comfy bed for you too, Sherpa. Your poor back!

Susan said...

This sounds like a total blast! And backpacking E. is going to be a lot more fun for her than traveling by stroller. This way she gets to sight-see not knee-see.

Wear your mother-daughter Canada hoodies and tell all your fellow travelers that you're circumnavigating the globe before E. turns 1. Have fun!

Lotsa love from Mom, MIL, and Grandma

Chrissy said...

Wow...two teeth. Go E go.
I admire your bravery. I don't think that I could have planned, pursued and actually gone on a train trip across any country by myself, with my baby. You truly are an inspirational superstar.

Oh and super funny. Breanna was over here printing something from her email and didn't log out. Just about posted this under her login not mine. Lol

Love you lots.

David said...

Just don't get the belt of your coat stuck in the escalator when you're naked underneath like what happened on Modern Family.