Sunday, 27 February 2011

All About Elizabeth


Okay, the formatting for this entry is going to be a little bit sad and pathetic. I tried on my own to get all these photos to be in a grid, or at least side-by-side, and couldn't get it to happen. Big, fat thumbs DOWN to blogspot for that.Would it really be that hard to write a bit of code so every time your mouse hovered-over a photo, the cursor turned into a little four-arrow-compass thing, and you could just drag and drop it wherever you wanted? I don't know anything about computer programming, clearly, but come on now.

Matthew also tried to "edit HTML" and got a table inserted, but I am impatient, and it was taking more than 20 seconds, so I told him that I'd suck it up on the poor layout. If anyone knows how to get photos side-by-side, please let me know. As a side note, the demo HTML table that Matthew found online and started modifying for this post had columns titled "Superhero" "Superpower" and "Favourite Food" and then the rows were "Chuck Norris - Hidden Beard Fist - Knuckle Sammiches" and "Patrick Swayze - Pelvic Thrust of Doom - Quiche". I love internet geeks!!

So today is a big update on Elizabeth. I have had multiple requests for recent photos, so here you are: 14 photos of her! :) It took me about 20 minutes to pare down the pics I'd taken to just 14. Feel free to skim the text & stare at her photos. My feelings won't be hurt.

Hello beautiful blue eyes!

Matthew taught her how to "cheers" with her sippy cup. It is a great game.

Saying bye to Daddy in the mornings. It is already green here, and warm enough to go outside at 7:30 in only her jammies.

I wanted to get a photo where you could see Elizabeth's two bottom teeth just poking through - can you see them?? I even chose size "large" for this photo to help you out. Note the marmalade on her nose - she is a big fan of toast & marmalade.  In order to get this pic, I just had to give her a spoon and then she started gesticulating and (basically) yelling at me. Maybe she's going to be a teacher. Or a conductor. Orchestra conductor, not train. Although, she does love trains...

Her new favourite toy: not the car, the empty freezer box. We have it as a tunnel/house right in front of the door leading from the kitchen to the back garden. In the evenings, when we're making dinner, she crawls in there and talks to "that baby" in the reflection. Usually she brings her other favourite toy: the empty milk jug. Why do we buy toys again??

Elizababy is all about kissing lately. Big fat, slobbery, really wet kisses. It's really nice when she gives you a spontaneous kiss, but I have to keep a kleenex in my pocket all the time to wipe all the drool off. I also have stains on the shoulders of all my shirts where she kisses shoulders & necks. Elizabeth is a loving girl.

Heeeeeey, look who stands up on her own!! It's hard to tell from this photo, but we have a tupperware beside her cardboard house, and she will stand up on the wall,  and then cruise from the wall  to the tupperware, and then to her little house... Soon she will make the jump from the house to the freezer, and then along all the kitchen cabinets. I am not super stoked about her almost-walking status. I want her to stay a baby forever.  PS I am aware of how huge that onesie is around her waist, but it's all snuggly and soft and cute. She is currently wearing British size 9-12 month shirts (aka her appropriate size) and Canadian size 3-6 month pants, sometimes 6-9 months. She is going to be tall & slender (just like her Mum, hahaha!!!)

This is what she looks like after her naps - a super happy, laughing little baby. She usually wakes up and talks and sings and plays with her toys in her crib for about 20 minutes before she makes grumpy sounds. Her crib toys are named: Ugly Doll (behind her right side), Giraffe (obvious), Pooh & Tigger (unseen - but you can probably guess what they look like) and Steve (the bunny behind her left). Matthew named Steve.

This is her dancing when her mobile gets wound up. When the mobile is on, it means waking up time, not sleeping time like most kids. Elizabeth lo-o-o-o-ves it.

We're trying to introduce finger foods more and more. We use the vacuum a lot. She loves to test gravity. A scientist already.

This is the setup when we skype - she usually stands there and brings up one or two toys at a time to show them off to whoever we're talking to. She has a gift for choosing the noisiest toys ever. (I am pretty sure we are watching The Office here though - the theme song to The Office is probably Elizabeth's favourite song. She loves it and bounces and dances. She's already got great taste in comedy TV!)

Getting ready to go out. She finally fits into the coat her Daddy gave her for Christmas. :) Elizabeth loves the bike, and we go zipping around all over the place. I have mastered roundabouts (aka traffic circles).  I must admit to being so proud of  this - I have to go on the wrong side of the road, in the wrong direction, and indicate when I'm staying in and exiting the roundabout. Pretty impressive with a baby behind you, don't you think?
 We are having a lot of fun with Elizabeth lately. She is just so much fun! It sounds cheesy, but it's true. One last thing: we have a copy of 'Brown Bear, What Do You See' by Eric Carle, which is an interactive version with little slide-y sections where you uncover what Brown Bear/Red Bird/Yellow Duck (etc) sees. Elizabeth totally knows how to read this book. She has mastered the sliding. We read it about 800 times a day. I am proud to say: I don't even need the book anymore to know who sees what. White Dog? Oh, he sees Black Sheep. And Black Sheep? She sees Gold Fish. It's true, I'm kind of a genius. Hopefully Elizabeth takes after me for smarts...


Paul McWilliams said...

Yes thumbs down to blogspot. I have issues with super tiny area that you type and work in while editing/writing a post.

The pictures are great and I enjoy your comments about driving on the 'wrong' side of the road. My brother and his family are moving to France over the next year so I hope we will be able to someday visit you guys in England.


Chrissy said...

Super cute pictures. I love the pigtales. I can't get Leah to stay still long enough to try. The bike helmet still cracks me up. It looks so darn cute on her. I am going to skype you Thursday morning as we can't go swimming in the morning I decided that it will be Chrissy, Leah, Elizabeth, and Georgina time!