Monday, 7 February 2011

Bognor Regis: the end of the road tripping

Well, we made it back. Elizabeth & I went to visit my Grandma on Wednesday, and Matthew joined us on Friday. The journey there was pretty okay, actually. I had Elizabeth in the baby Bjorn, and the two bags, and it was all going to be fine, as I had figured out the train times perfectly. Wouldn't you know: the local bus from my house to Cambridge Rail Station was 25 minutes late (well, probably it was broken down or something), so all my train times were screwed up. Oh well, we made it there with relative ease. The only funny part was when I was at Victoria train station - it is huge - there are 19 platforms, and they're divided into three sections (0-8, 9-14, 15-19). Of course, when I got off the tube I went to the 0-8 section, and of course, our train departed from platform 16. I almost cried, no jokes. It was at least a 15 minute walk carrying all my stuff. But then Elizabeth slept for the last leg of the journey and I got an hour and half of quiet reading time! Yay! I highly recommend Shades of Grey, by Jasper Fforde.
On the train from Cambridge to London
In Victoria Station, trekking along

On the train to Bognor, just before E slept

The week in Bognor was great; I think I am meant to be in my 80's. We woke up everyday at 7:30, had a coffee (or breastmilk, whatever), and sat in the sunroom to watch Cyril the Squirrel and the birds at the birdfeeder. Cyril is our inspiration to get a birdfeeder in Cambridge. He's practically my Grandma's pet.

Then, leisurely breakfast for all, and E went for a morning nap. Out for the lunch hour, and then home again for an afternoon lie-down. Evening drinks at 5:30, dinner at 6, E is in bed by 7:30 and I was in bed (no jokes) by 9:30 every night. It was pretty much the best week ever.
It was great to see Elizabeth playing with her Great Grandma. They had some good times together, lots of cuddles and lots of good talks. My Nana has a little nook in her kitchen with a fold-up table and a stool in it, and Elizabeth made it her little house. She would go in there multiple times a day, and stand up on the stool and chatter away. Super, super sweet! She also ate steak and kidney pie, and loved it. She's becoming more British by the minute! :)
Elizabeth's play house

Feeding the ducks!!

Trying on fancy hats

Reading the newspaper. It was very interesting.
It was great when Matthew got there on Friday - he fit right into our 'busy' schedules. It was so much easier to get home with two adults - and again, the only tiresome part was the wait for the bus home from the Rail station in Cambridge. Traveling without a carseat is easy until you really, really want to take a taxi.
We realized that Elizabeth hasn't slept in the same bed for more than 5 days since January 9, so we are not doing any more road trips for awhile. We are going to explore our own new city instead.


Gina said...

Your "en route" pictures made me laugh! Pictures at Nana's are wonderful, as is your story of premature aging.

Breanna K said...

That is a massive squirrel! The must bread them differently in England, lol. Also, two words that should never go together, Kidney and Pie.

David said...

I've fed ducks at that exact fence! Also, were the fancy hats at Matalan?

Georgina Hawkeye said...

hahaha! Yes Dave, it was Matalan!!! :)