Monday, 31 January 2011

Give Em The Old Razzle Dazzle!

The whole reason for being in London was that Matthew bought me tickets to see the musical Chicago for my birthday. He also asked my Nanny if she wanted to go with me - clever boy. So on Saturday, the 4 of us trucked up to town for a day out. We met our friends Alex & Naomi Glancy for lunch at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant on Upper St Martin Lane. As we were walking there from Charing Cross, Nanny told us how that used to be her "Sunday walk", and how when she was little they would walk up Embankment, and stop at a park that might have a military band playing and have a picnic, and then they'd come up to the Strand and Trafalgar square, and then walk back home to Waterloo where she lived. Imagine seeing this on your average Sunday - we just don't have places like this in Edmonton!!

Lunch was good - although eating in a restaurant with a baby is kind of like moving IN to a restaurant with a baby. We bring more toys than necessary so she can be distracted as soon as she gets bored. The food was really good, and we all had a great time together. It was really nice to see some friends from home. Naomi was especially encouraging, as she told me that she was incredibly desperate to make friends as soon as she arrived here. I have been on a mission to make friends and meet people since we got here - I'll let you know when I make my first real friend! Wooooo!! On a totally separate note: I couldn't believe that the restaurant's high chairs were Stokke Tripp Trapp seats - hello, they retail for about 300$. Wowza.

After lunch, Nanny & I went to the theatre, and were totally razzle dazzled and entertained. Who doesn't love a show where the men are in tight pants and no shirts, and the women are in lingerie?? Naomi had seen the show, and her description was: "These people are singing their hearts out while they are actually IN THE SPLITS." It's true. There were many jazz hands and lots of shimmying and fish nets and I loved it!
On Sunday we went to The Birchwood - the local pub in my Nan's neighbourhood. We had a 'proper pub lunch' (aka lamb shank with mashed potato and yorkshire pudding), and then they play bingo in the pub. It was totally hysterical. The pub had about 40 people in it (I think about 40, but I am so bad at guessing that sort of thing), and as soon as the very Scottish announcer started saying numbers, no one spoke at all. It was super tense!!! And since it was my birthday, my aunties bought me cards to play, and I WON A HUNDRED POUNDS!!!  Best birthday ever!! :) Big thanks to Auntie Tracey (aka Auntie Biscuit) who bought me the winning card! Not gonna lie: I actually screamed when my card was filled. It was really fun!

Elizababy's first tube ride!
We took the train home on Sunday afternoon (no more stupid coaches), and going home was infinitely better than getting to London. Just in case any of you are thinking about coming here: we left Nan's house at 4:45 pm, got the train at Abbey Wood at 4:56, and then the train at King's Cross at 6:11, and were in our house at 7:20. 2 and a half hours door-door. And for those of you who wouldn't necessarily want to visit my Nanny (although, I'm not sure why you wouldn't, she is so great!), it means one and half hours to the middle of London from our house. Pretty awesome!! Who's going to come next?!?! :)

One last thing: I just need to say right now: I am so glad we are not living in London. It is so busy, and packed with people. I think I have the reverse-gift from that vampire in the Twilight series - you know, the one who can sense everyone's moods and calm them down?
Except I sense everyone's moods and take them on. (hahaha, I am such a dork!!!) When we got into the city on Friday night, I was immediately stressed and anxious, and as soon as we left, I was able to calm down. And the weirdest part was arriving at Cambridge, and saying to Matthew, "It's really nice to be back home." I guess we do sort of feel like we live here now. Hmmm...


Christine said...

Happy Birthday! and congrats on the winning bingo card. Great birthday weekend! We spent the weekend chipping sidewalk ice so I imagine you are as equally jealous of that as I am of you seeing Chicago and winning pub bingo.

Gina said...

So your glad your trip home was better than your trip to!

Brooke said...

I loved Chicago too, but I bet it was way better to watch it in England. Happy Birthday!