Monday, 10 September 2012

Returning to Pioneerhood

Remember when I thought I was being pioneer-like??  Well, get this story.

I went to our market on Sunday, because there is a butcher and a grocer - the butcher is cheap & great, and the grocer is cheap & . . . See, here's the thing: if I'm paying 1£ for a big mixing bowl of fruit or vegetables, I don't feel that bad about composting some of them. And the grocer always has different stuff - you just never know what you're going to get. One week I got a huge bowl of cherries - probably 2 or 3 pounds worth, and it was only a dollar and a half!!! So what if about one pound of them were already chuddy, I still came out on top. It was that mentality that convinced me to buy a bowl of greengages on Sunday.  They're these little green plum-like fruits, and they are a little bit tart, and a lot yummy.
Well, we got the fruit home (after a bouncy ride in the bike basket), and pretty much all of them were already squidgey and past the delicious phase. :( Too bad, so sad, right?

Wrong! I pioneer-ed up!!

I totally made a pie with them. Who am I??? And with the leftover pastry, I made a little baby apple tart thing - I don't have a pie plate or any other small dish for a tart, so I used a serving dish and a ramekin, which is why one looks too small for its container and one is overflowing.

Not only did I demonstrate serious baking-prowess, proving my pioneerdom, but I also hung all my laundry out to dry. You know, there's a fine line between optimism and stupidity when it comes to line-drying laundry in England. Today I was on the wrong side, so I pegged it all out, and then unpegged it and busted to the laundry room dryers when it started to rain. So I guess I'm not really a full-blown pioneer after all. Cue Price is Right Losing horn:

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