Saturday, 22 September 2012

Photographic Guilt Part II

I feel about 18% bad for only putting fake pictures up of my Mum's & Chris's visit. This is what being the youngest of the family does to a girl: I make these hi-larious photos, and feel bad about them. So here are some of the real photos of the family while they were in England. I hope this makes everyone (ah-Chris-em) happy. This guilt is also manifested in a total inability to pare down the photo choices, which means this post is inundated with pictures & videos.

Here is what Chris really looked like in Cambridge - except for that bottom left photo of him & our cousin Ross - that is in Abbey Wood. That's right: I took exactly 3 publish-able pictures of him, and one of them is not actually of  him, and is really, really blurry. I hope he feels happy though - I took exactly zero pictures of my Mum!! :( What a bad kid I am. 

We all went to Bognor Regis for a few days to visit Grandma/Great Grandma, and it was nice for the 4 girls to be together. Elizabeth was properly introduced to Bouncy Castles, and it has been true love ever since. So much so that we managed to lose her in one once - she's just so small, it's hard to keep track of her!

Then we went to Laura & Ollie Thompson's wedding - the reason everyone came over in the first place. I like to pretend it's because we live here now, but I know better than that.

It turned into a totally fantastic and fun evening - with much dancing and awesomeness. Elizabeth was soooo much happier once we took off her dress and put her hair up. Sometimes a girl's just gotta let go!

Luckily, we had the 'real' photos taken beforehand, including this one of my Nanny with all the grandchildren & great-grandchildren that could come:

After the wedding, the Babowals went home, and Suzie & Adam were in Amsterdam, I think - who can keep track of those two?? So Chris & I spent a day together (with my sidekick Elizabeth, of course) in London. It was the day after the Olympics ended, and Chris wanted to get in on the Olympic vibe too. He was upset that the Olympic rings were taken down from Tower Bridge for the interim between the games & the Paralympic games. But . . . I don't know what he's talking about?? bahaha, I'm so funny!! My love affair with Paint continues!!

There were several Olympic-y things throughout London, including a really neat one by Euston station. They painted Usain Bolt's footsteps from his 100m race in Beijing. It. Was. Unbelievable. The footsteps are at least 6 feet apart at points in the run.

I reallllly wanted Chris to try and jump from one to the other, but this video was all he would do. In fact, you can hear him say it: "That's all I wanna do." He's a man of his word.

So there, that is the entirety of my photos of their holiday here. I feel really bad about the lack of good photos, and especially the lack of photos of my Mum. How did that happen? Too busy having fun, I guess. 

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