Friday, 21 September 2012

Photographic Guilt

We had a steady stream of visitors for about 6 weeks over the summer. We took a lot of pictures. A lot. But now, after sorting through them, I came to a terrible realization:
  • Suzie & Adam came to Cambridge to visit: lots of pictures
  • The Babowal family came to Cambridge to visit: lots of pictures
  • Mum & Chris came to Cambridge to visit: almost NO pictures!!!
What the what!! I had this great post planned about how we take visitors to do the same things when they're here - picnics on the greens, tea and scones at Grantchester, punting, pubbing and playing with Elizabeth - and I was going to show photos of the three different visits doing those things . . . but I have almost none of Chris & Janet while they were here, and the ones I do have are all just sitting around my house, and most of them are too dark to use.  All my pics with them are from our times in London and at Laura & Ollie's wedding! And it's no good asking either of them for photos, because neither of them brought a camera!

But fear not. Thanks to my ah-may-zing computer skills, here's what the post should  be. Enjoy.

When people come to visit us, we take them for picnics on the many green spaces in town, and eat outside a lot (or eat a lot outside):

Then we have tea and scones (and sometimes Harry Potter reading or backgammon playing) at the Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester:

Then we do a lot of punting, pubbing and playing with Elizabeth:

I can't even think of a witty last-liner because I am laughing too hard!! Be warned: bring a camera to Cambridge, and make us use ours!!

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