Wednesday, 21 March 2012

This Could Be You!

We are always stoked whenever someone comes to visit us - obviously, being away from friends and family makes us super excited to see anyone at anytime. And whenever people come down (or up, or over) to Cambridge, we really encourage them to rent a bike for their stay. It is such a great way to see the city, and really, biking is just more fun.

Ask our friend, Ryan. He came to Cambridge for just one day, and rode his rented bike around like a boss. He even bike-surfed.  Yes, he did it at the end of the night, after a few pints at the beer festival at our favourite pub. Yes, he did it both towards the camera, and away from the camera. And YES, I had had a few delicious pints as well, which explains the quality of these photos.

And no, bike-surfing is not really a real thing. And no, no one else in Cambridge does it. But they should.

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