Saturday, 24 March 2012

Being Cultural and Clever

When Susan was here visiting, we went to the Natural History Museum - I know, first the V & A, then another museum in the same week? We are practically cultural mavens here.

We got into London for about noon, and Elizabeth was starving, so we had a quick lunch after which she promptly fell fast asleep in her stroller. Awesome! We were able to walk about the museum and look at the stuff we actually wanted to see, without having to distract her while doing so (read: without having to chase her around the museum). Also, the stroller is excellent for carrying both babies and coats/bags/leftovers etc.

When she woke up, we were in this room:

And this is what Elizabeth looked like as she woke up:
And this is what she continued to look like for the remainder of the trip:

Needless to say: Natural History Museum is where it's at.

So the part about being clever is kind of lame, but I feel the need to share. I'm always whining on here about how hard it is to get to from our house to the Cambridge rail station, and how it's always the roughest part of any journey. This is because we are less than keen to get in a cab with Elizabeth without a carseat - and even less keen to carry a carseat around London all day. We had intended for Matthew to take Eliz to the station on the bike, but it was pouring with rain that day. So I clever-ed up, and phoned the hostel that is right beside the station, and they agreed to put our carseat in their luggage hold for only 5£!! I don't know why we haven't thought of that before!! :) This discovery might completely change my life. Stay tuned.

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