Thursday, 29 March 2012

I am Winning at Single Mumming

I am not a fan of single parenting. I have actually said to Matthew that if he dies, I will remarry immediately, just to have another parent around. There's something about the countdown to when Daddy comes home that gets you through the days. And that sounds so negative - but even when the days are really great, they can still be s-o-o-o-o-o  long.

Except this week!

Matthew has been gone for four days, and I still feel like (a) a good Mum, and (b) a rational human being! Miracle?

The weather has been fantastic, and we have been at a playground at least once a day, but usually twice. It's been an outside kind of week. So much so that this is our conversation every day when Elizabeth wakes up in the morning, and right after her nap:

E: "Mummy!! Ummm, Daddy?"
G: "Daddy is in Finland, at work."
E: "Daddy inna plane?"
G: "Well, he's out of the plane now, he's in Finland."
E: "Daddy work?"
G: "Yes, Daddy works."
E: "Daddy typing, typing?" (does tiny little typing hands - yes, this is something I have taught her, and yes, I am proud of it)
G: "Yes, Daddy is typing and typing."
E: "Daddy science?"
G: "Yes, Daddy is doing science."
E: (pause) "Outside?"
G: "Yes, we can go outside."

The best game has been "chase" with her new boyfriend Cal. I think it is true love for these two. Elizabeth sees him from across the playground, and her whole face lights up. They run to each other, and do the typical toddler hug/fall down, followed by laughing and aggressive tickling of the chin and tummy. And then Elizabeth screams and runs away and Cal chases her - it's the greatest way to spend a morning. Followed by the greatest way to spend an afternoon: both of them throw down monster naps after a full morning in the sunshine, running and screaming and giggling. Today Cal's Granny came, and brought a bubble wand. Hello, heaven?

So it's now Thursday night - I've had four days and nights of single Mumming it. And guess what: I just got back from seeing a grown-up  play with a girlfriend. And then we had a drink afterwards. Boom! I am truly, winning at Single Mumming.

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