Monday, 16 January 2012

New Year's Resolution FAIL

I had two resolutions this year:
(1) No late fines at the library
(2) One meatless meal per week

Both are pretty straight forward, and not that hard to achieve, right?


I have somehow lost a library book. . . I like to take out several books for Elizabeth before we go to Canada, so she has 'new' books to read on the plane. I think I left one of them behind somewhere in Edmonton. If anyone sees this book, please let me know!!
So now I have to go to the library and ask them about paying for a lost book. This would not be so embarassing if I hadn't already done it before!! That's right folks, when I was in Canada in the summer I left the book I brought for myself there - it was Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. When I told the librarian that I knew where it was, and could bring it back, but not until I visited again in October, she said she would refund the money for the lost book charge. . . but I've been too embarrassed to actually bring the book back. And now I don't think I can ever do it - imagine that conversation, "So, remember how you said you'd pay me back? Can you do that now? Oh, and PS, I lost another book! Haha?"

And also, it's January 16, and I have yet to make a meatless dinner for my family. The first week we were in Canada, and not cooking much, and then the next week we were in jet lag hell, and now I'm going away from Wednesday to Sunday, and won't be cooking. I guess I will have a New February Resolution about cooking. On that note, if anyone knows how to cook/recipes for quinoa/lentils/beans/dal/chickpeas, please let me know. Also, does anyone else secretly think chickpeas and dal are the same thing??

 To make matters worse, guess who just went for a run, and then came in and did a bunch of leg raises, plank, sit ups and pushups? Mr I'm Achieving My New Year's Resolution Hawkeye. Pfffffffft.

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