Friday, 13 January 2012

Elizabeth The Ski Bunny: A Pictorial

We took Elizabeth "skiing" when we were in Canada. She went down the bunny hill two whole times on her actual skis (ie we walked her down) but then Matthew carried her in his arms and then his shoulders, and she love-love-loved it! She stayed on the bunny hill for 45 minutes, and at the end of every run, she'd say, "More! Peeese, peeese, peeese!!" or just run to the line up for the conveyor belt ski-lift. It was one of the best days ever.

We put her ski boots on in the hotel - she was using Matthew's ski gear from when he was a toddler. Her feet were too small for the boots, so she wore slippers inside them. And her all-in-one snowsuit was a hit - I admit it: I totally want an all-in-onesie. They are super hot when they're fitted and all black. Love that look. Elizabeth's take on it was slightly more pink and puffy, but she was 100% adorable!

The best part about the ski boots is that they were too heavy for her to walk in, so she could either stand or lie down. It was awesome in the parking lot of the resort, because we knew she wouldn't run into traffic!
Look at her tiny skis!!!!
Matthew had to lift her into her skis & slot the boots in. So funny to watch.
"Skiing" down the bunny hill with Grandma & Daddy. :)
Proud Mummy & Daddy!
Going up the "magic carpet" to ski down with Daddy
I wish we could have used this for our family photo in the Christmas cards this year.

At the end of a run down - she was soooooo happy!! Laughing & giggling after each one!

Elizabeth got pretty tuckered out after 45 minutes - thank goodness Grandma Ground Support was with us. Susan came to the hill with us, and brought along this awesome old-school sled. So we gave Eliz some lunch, and then propped her up in the sled, and surrounded her with blankies, and she fell asleep. While it was snowing. In the mountains. So Canadiana.
Susan took Elizabeth to the car, and she was able to have a good long nap, while her Mummy & Daddy skied! It was the best possible set up. We had such an awesome day.

It was a great day of skiing for us too. It was one of those days where at the end of every run, you look at each other and say, "That was awesome!! What a great run!!"

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Brooke said...

Elizabeth is so stinkin cute on her little skis. Either Elizabeth is one of the best behaved kids around with best mom or you're just real brave. I'm afraid if we tried all the stuff you do with Elizabeth, Gavin would make a giant scene. I guess we need to teach Gavin that sleep anywhere trick. Hope you had a good Christmas.