Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lots to Say

Elizabeth started communicating with us using baby sign language. Well, I guess first she cried & we guessed what she needed, and then she started signing. I cannot say it enough: that was one of our best parenting moves. She didn't start signing back to us until she was between 8 and 9 months, which meant about 3-4 months of me doing the signs every single time she did something, and having no response from her. Then she did "more please" and I probably cried with happiness. Then she learned "all done", and "milk" (which later morphed into just "drink"), and "help please", and then she learned a whole bunch really fast. If you need a flashback of Elizabeth's cuteness, she kept doing "more please" at the fair in August when the bands were done their tunes.

Once she realized that when she did this weird motion with her hands she got what she wanted, she was off. Then she did a hybrid of signing & speaking, and then it became a hybrid of speaking & signing. But to be honest, since she's started speaking, she hasn't really ever stopped. We can pretty much always tell what room she is in. We know when she is on the move in the house. And there is never a question of whether or not she is awake - if she is in her bed and quiet, she's sleeping, because otherwise she is telling all her bed-friends the news.

Well, a couple nights ago, Elizabeth had some phenomenal news. I'm not sure what it was, but it was super intense, and I had to pare down these vids to the bare minimum. These are mostly up for the grandparents and family, so if you don't feel like watching all of them, I totally get it. However, you might like them for a few reasons: (1) Elizabeth is in them, and is super funny, (b) they are shot on my Blackberry, so the audio & video get screwed up and they are reminiscent of a bad kung fu movie, and (4) she says "Messi!!!" and I think she is talking about our trip with Stuart and Ika.

Video #1: Ends with a great laugh.

Video #2: Check out the expressive eyebrows, seriously gesticulating arm motions, and puckered lips. Also, I love the progressively worsening audio-video delay. I think it adds a little je ne sais quoi to the vid.

Video #3: Who else thinks she is talking about Barcelona??? Also, her lips are nowhere near close to the sound. Apologies all around.

Now I have truly opened myself up for everyone to say, "Like mother, like daughter" but I can take it. Our loud, chatty, never-stop-talking little girl is 100% entertainment! Someone might have to remind me of that one day, but not today!

PS Did anyone else notice that I wrote "little girl"?? I'm starting to warm up to the idea that she's not a baby anymore. But she is practically still a baby, right? Right??

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