Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Cheating Blog Post

Nothing is really new these days. It is wonderful. We are just living, and there is no drama right now. It is glorious. So I don't have anything earth-shatteringly-exciting to blog about. So far this week, Dr Faff has a cold, so has been going to bed early, I finished a book and started another, and Elizabeth has been asking for her naps. It's been a great week for quiet time & resting! Oh, and I took Elizabeth to her first "dance" class. It was awesome - she followed along with all the big kids (most kids were 2 1/2 - 3) and did the imagination games like pretending to be a snowman, stretching like a turtle out of her shell, then jumping like a raindrop. It is safe to say: she loved it.

So instead, here are some videos of regular, everyday life in the Hawkeye home. (You might notice that I am also 'tidying up' my blackberry, so all the vids are being transferred to the computer, thus to the blog...) In this one, I love how Elizabeth hooks her feet up under the edge of the book to lift it up. So clever! Elizabeth is a reading machine these days, so I have many videos called things like, "reading after breakfast", "reading to babies", and this one is called, "loud morning reading." Very original.

Lately, I've been playing this game with her, that goes something like this:
Georgina: "Oh no!! It's time to sit on Elizabeth!!"
Elizabeth: "Noooooooo!!!" (huge smile, usually starts to run away)
Georgina: "Uh oh, I guess I have to sit on her now!"
And then this happens:

And one last one (I swear) of a family dance party. Elizabeth sings along to everyone's favourite dancing song: Dancing Queen, by Abba. Poor Dr Faff.
 I love how when Matthew goes to dance with her, she runs away. Her run is hilarious - so many tiny, fast steps!!

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