Monday, 5 September 2011

Comedy Gold

Okay, so Dr Faff and I are actually fourteen years old. We still think poop is funny, and fart jokes are funny, and there is nothing funnier than fake puking. I wish it were different, but since we are who we are, we celebrate our sense of humour. I hope the following videos make you all kind of pee your pants you're laughing so hard. And for those 'mature' grown-ups who are watching and don't think these are funny, to you I say, "How are we still friends?".

It all started when we were bathing Eliz, and Matthew realized that the foamy soap with the ducky dispenser kind of looks like the duck is puking out the soap. Hilarity ensued.

Then Matthew took it one step further.

Then I was making banana bread with black bananas from the freezer ... I simply could not resist.

I'm pretty sure most of you are still proud to know me, right?


RL said...

This makes me heart you with a double + +

alexf said...