Friday, 16 September 2011

Elizablog: A Pictorial (mostly)

Okay, so I know I talk alot about Elizabeth & our adventures, but I need to just post some photos now. I have roughly 187 billion photos of her, and seeing as the majority of the readers of this blog are related to her, I feel compelled to share them. They are all taken on my blackberry, thus are fuzzy and extremely pixelated, but you can get the gist. The gist is, of course, that she is hysterical, beautiful, and growing up so fast!
 Oh, little Bucket Head. She love-love-loves to put this Canada bucket on for a hat - for really long periods of time. The latest game has been to run away from me after she's been in the tub, and put her hat on, so she's a little Rudy Nudy Bucket Head. I tried to get a photo of that, but she's so fast that they were all blurry. We'll try to get one for her wedding slideshow.
 Elizabeth has recently started copy-catting us when we laugh. I think it's hysterical, and then I laugh more, and then she fake-laughs more, and so on, and so on. I have so many photos of her with that open-mouth laugh going on. I love it. The swings are right by our house, and I love that photo for two reasons: (1) she got into her swing, and then pointed to the other swing and said, "Mummy. Mummy. Mummy." until I got on and swung (swinged?) with her, and (2) she is wearing the craziest outfit ever. Floral pants, purple shoes, green & white polkadot jacket, and a strawberry wool hat. Only toddlers can get away with that fashion. And the running photo is pretty much the scene 24-7 over here - there's no walking anymore, there is running. I wish I knew how to shorten youtube videos, but instead I will just link to the whole scene from Forrest Gump, but the part I love (and that is applicable to this comment) is 1:26-1:32. The whole video is only 2:34 minutes though, so you might just want to watch the whole thing and be inspired. :) I still totally have a crush on Tom Hanks. He just seems so nice.

So Elizabeth is 17 months old now, and we have been in England for 8 months - she has spent almost half her life here. Isn't that wild? I never thought of it that way until now... but don't worry, all you Canadians out there, we are raising her to be pretty much Canadian. She will always say "sidewalk" instead of "pavement" and "bike" instead of "cycle". She might say, "back garden" and "roundabout", but I am already teaching her to say "sorry" so she will still fit right in when we get back to Canada!

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