Sunday, 18 September 2011

Faff & Jam

So now that you're all caught up with Elizabeth, here are some recent photos of us (!) because, believe it or not, we do exist separately from our child. Whaaaat?? I know. It's true.

The Tami Taylors
For those of you who have never seen Friday Night Lights, stop whatever you're doing, and get your hands on an episode. It is a show about all kinds of things I kind of don't really get: high school football, the religious Right, Texas... but I totally, totally love it. I am a Matt Seracen girl through and through. But mostly, I am in girl-love with Tami Taylor. She's got a 16 year old daughter, but she rocks the short skirt & cowboy boot look like mad, and has super hot hair too. I want to be her when I grow up. Believe it or not, I could only find ONE photo on the interweb of TT in her boots!! They have got to get some better photos on there!!
And here's what she really looks like, just so you understand why my hair is getting longer & I might start curling it everyday...

So here is the Jam version of Tami Taylors
I love my new boots, and definitely feel more Tami Taylor-esque everytime I wear them. I want to start saying, "I appreciate that, ya'll."

Chariots of Fire
Matthew & I participated in the Chariots of Fire relay race today. It's a 6-person relay of a 1.7 mile (2.7 km) run each around the colleges of Cambridge. There were 2 teams from his lab - and being the dynamic, creative physicists that they are, the team names were Nanophotonics I and Nanophotonics II. Ooooh, fancy pantsy. We were supposed to be in Nano II (aka non-competitive) but then a guy didn't show up for Nano I, so Dr Faff did 2 legs of the run! What a guy. I just have to tell you that Hawkeye's times were 10:30, and then 12:00 for his second, and mine was 13 minutes. I know it's not going to win any medals or anything, but we were totally stoked on our athletic ability given absolutely no training or effort! Ha!

Here is Hawkeye's first run:

And here he is on his second run:
Isn't he great??!!

There were all kinds of prizes for this run, including one "People's Choice", so there were teams dressed up as burglars (think Hamburglar!), teams dressed up as Braveheart, and my favourite, the fancy-dressed:
By the time it was my turn to run, the crowds of runners had thinned out, so I was the only one leaving the gate at that moment. What can I say, everyone loves a good cartwheel!

We had a really great morning! Here we are after all the races were over: Nanophotonics I and II with our number 1 fan.
And yes, the theme song of the film was played. . . a few times. Let's just say an awful lot of slow-motion running was done on the side lines...


Janine said...

I love FNL!! And mostly, I love Tami and Coach (and Tim Riggins). Sad that it's all over, it's like my best friends moved away. How come D&KB never watch it? I even own all the seasons...

Right now I'm ready for church...with my boots and skirt on. And my hair is curled, but much different than Tami's unfortunately.

Brooke said...

Loving the cartwheels. My blog is totally Gavin central, but I thought that's what its for?

Chrissy said...

Did you watch the emmy's last night? FNL won two!