Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What Will You Find At Jesus Green?

In Cambridge, there are a bunch of Greens and a bunch of Pieces, and couple of Commons as well. I don't know why they didn't just call them "Parks" because that is what they are. At any rate, in the centre of town, you have Jesus Green, Parker's Piece, Christ's Pieces, Midsummer Common, Queen's Green, and my personal favourite: Butt Green. Heh heh. And this past weekend proved that you don't have to suffer through months and months of snow & freezing cold to appreciate the sunshine. It felt like the whole city was outside, having picnics & going for walks. It was lovely! We ate outside for at least one meal per day for 5 days straight. Heaven!

I must apologize for the photography here. I forgot my camera at my cousin Emma's house, and so all of these are taken on my phone, hence the terrible quality. However! Emma has promised to photograph the little ducklings in her village for me, so get excited!

Here is a sampling of the wonders of Jesus Green, where we picnicked on Sunday:
Elizabeth refuses to hold hands when walking - even on uneven terrain. She actually bats your hand away and turns her head away from you. Sometimes she pushes your hand away with enough force that she falls anyway.

Dress up!

Cute barefoot baby - she would toddle around, and had about an 8 foot radius around us, and as soon as she got further than that, would come back. Super cute!

Hippy baby feet!

So all the students come out and "study" in little groups on the greens - beats SUB any day. It kind of feels like a Vampire Weekend video - everyone is super hipster and stylish. Lots of dudes in fedoras, plaid button ups and rolled up skinny jeans, and girls in striped shirts, big sunnies and super short shorts with saddle shoes. "Short" is a lot shorter in the UK. So many bums hanging out. . . I'm sorry I don't have a photograph for you, use your imagination.

Very sweaty, very hairy-chested, very unsavoury man doing a full Ashtanga 1 series in the middle of the green. He stopped in Warrior to take a call on his mobile. Very zen.

The obligatory volleyball game. Matthew has a friend at work, Alex, who recreated the volleyball scene from Top Gun last summer. I am so sad we missed it!

Also obligatory Crazy Middle Aged Lady swinging streamers around in patterns. Obviously, a requirement for any picnic.

The Cutest Baby in the World!!!

A pink tree
I wish I was making this up, but this guy was practicing his bull-whipping. I am not kidding! Honest! He kept doing the Indiana Jones whip-crack sound, and once, he even hit his girlfriend, who was lying there, half-encouraging him, and half-pretending she didn't now him. It was the most bizarre thing, and I could not stop staring. Who practices bull-whipping in a public place? Scratch that - who practices bull-whipping?? (Is bull-whipping even a word?? I have never had the opportunity to use it before!)

Most groups make a little circle on a blanket, bring some sandwiches, have a laugh and a good time. Right? Some groups take it one step further and bring a tent, and a barbecue that smokes. Grocery stores actually sell 'single use barbecues' - like a roasting pan with briquettes in it - but that group back there was dedicated enough to have an actual barbecue with them. I was duly impressed. 

I am so bummed out with the quality of these photos! Oh well, now you all have good reasons to come and visit us in the summertime. Hello, when are you ever going to see a dude bull-whipping in public??? That is worth the airfare right there.

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Chrissy said...

I love bully-whipping guy! Let's face it you never see that in public and I am from small-town Alberta. Yes that's right G you actually have to leave city limits to get to my mom's house. Lol.