Wednesday, 6 April 2011

DIY? DIDon't.

I am a terrible, terrible painter. Terrible. I just am not good at it.

We got a patio set for free from our neighbours when they moved. This is the best part about living in a transient neighbourhood - free stuff!! Unfortunately, the chairs were totally dirty & resistant to all kinds of cleaning & scrubbing by me.

Gross, right? So I decided to paint them. And a reputable source (ie first hit on Google search for: painting lawn furniture) assured me that it was both easy, and cheap. And the site showed their before & after photos - from greying white to fresh red! Yes! I wanted red lawn furniture too, especially if was going to be easy and cheap!!!

At the hardware store, Matthew tried to convince me to choose a darker colour - one that would provide better coverage, and be better at disguising future dirt. But no, I wanted red. So we bought one can of red  spray paint, just to see how it went. And then today was gorgeous and sunny, and so while Elizabeth slept, I decided to DIY. (Well, grammatically speaking, it should be DIM - myself.)

Here are the terrible, terrible results. Only one chair was fully painted by the one can, and very poorly painted at that. This being my first spray painting attempt, I didn't know the signs of an emptying can, and so I tried to start the second chair. Silly Jammy. I guess we will go out this weekend and buy some more suitable spray paint colours, and try again with the other 3!!

From far away, it doesn't look that bad, just like it needs a second coat, right?

Boom!! Didn't expect to see that, did you? Do you like how it's all bumpy? That's because I tried to wipe it off after it had semi-dried. Why do I think I am handy?? All attempts at handy-ness have shown me to be woefully NOT handy. 

On the upside, Elizabeth & I had a picnic outside today, and she rode home without a jacket. It is beautiful today. AND I found a snail in the garden. That must be a sign of good luck somewhere in the world.
50% sick, 50% pretty

We played 'chase' for a little while. She got tired and lay down.

Coming back to Mummy!

Big girl on the bike!!


Brooke said...

It actually looks like spring. I'm jealous. Elizabeth looks so cute all strapped in the bike seat.

Chrissy said...

It looks so nice out. And Lizbeth is such a big girl with her helmet on the bike.