Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Becoming a Big Girl

Elizabeth walks well now. She still falls 100% of the time, but she walks all over the place. She's been walking solo for about a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks, but I've been waiting to get some videos of her walking towards me - apparently, my baby likes to walk away from her Mummy a lot more than walk towards her...

But this morning, we got a cute little vid. Please enjoy the droopy pajama pants!! She must be pretty well balanced because she can walk with her pants all droopy and step all over the cuffs without falling...

She has also discovered the concept of the 'bag'. She carries a yellow pail like it's her purse, and now, the soft horse-bag that Matthew brought her back from his work trip in Austria. She loves to play in-and-out with her 'bags'.

On a totally unrelated note, last night we had our friends Javiera & Nico over, as well as their 3 year old son, Manuel. I'm sorry to report to all her Canadian boyfriends, but Manuel has totally stolen Elizabeth's heart. He taught her how to take the cushions off the couch, and then how to crawl up on to them and roll off of them. Hello, best game ever?? Elizabeth spent pretty much the whole evening following Manuel around, and he reciprocated by carrying a tupperware of shreddies and cheerios and feeding them to her every so often. Super sweet.

And there was another 'first' for Elizabeth last night - a boy brought her flowers! I foolishly thought they were for me, and Manuel said, "No, they are for Elizabeth only."  

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Sapna said...

Awww - super cute!!