Thursday, 29 November 2012

Royal Experiment

Okay, Dr Faff is super smart, and he has found way for me to share pictures on this blog. He is the handiest husband imaginable. I half expect the website to just implode or something because it's a bit of a roundabout way to get pictures on, but here goes nothing. I am so pleased, because I really want to share these pictures and this story!!

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, came to Cambridge yesterday. (Two questions: 1. do I have to have a comma after Catherine and the first Cambridge? and 2. does anyone else find it irritating that she isn't a princess, because it would be soooo much easier for the entire media to just call her Princess Catherine?) Obviously, I had to go. We went to see the Queen last April, and it would just be poor form if we didn't receive her grandson and his new wife.

Elizabeth & I arrived at 10:20, and they were due to drive into the city centre at 10:30. True to form, their motorcade pulled in exactly on time, and Elizabeth was super stoked for the motorcade. So many flashing lights and motorcycles. Luckily for all of you, I brought Matthew's camera, and was able to paparazzi up, with shots like this:

 We scooted around the corner in time for them to come out on the balcony of the Guildhall. Here are a few good shots - I may or may not have taken several dozen. Don't judge me. It's the combination of terrible photography skills, never taking the time to actually look at the pictures I've taken before just randomly snapping away for more, and having a toddler to entertain while 'shooting'. It's a good thing I got some good ones, and then was able to crop those bad boys up. Imagine if I'd just taken my cruddy blackberry? Gasp!

I like to think that last shot is him being a normal husband, and saying something like, 'Hey honey, look over there! What's going on over there??' And she's all, 'Babe, we're supposed to be smiling and waving, pay attention!'

It was a nice way to spend a morning - it's not everyday you get to see the future King of England in the flesh.
Elizabeth was very well behaved, and talked nonstop about Pwince Chawming and the Pwincess. This was good because it was a grey and drizzly day, and she could have been just miserable. Luckily, I was prepared:

I decided E & I should make a nice day of it, and we went for noodles for lunch. I just love taking Elizabeth out for lunch - it feels like she is so grown up, and we actually have mini conversations. We talked a lot about Princes and Princesses (obviously), and also about the rain, and whether she likes rain or sun, and the things you can do in the rain but not the sun, and vice versa. I confess: we had a really lovely time together.

After lunch, it was coming on nap-time, so we got on the bike and headed home. Halfway there, right smack in the middle of Midsummer Common, right in front of the Fort St George Pub (aka the pub we went to about a billion times this summer because it opens onto the Common and the river, and Elizabeth can run around or watch the rowing while we have a pint) - - - what do we see??? Nothing other than the motorcade of Will & Kate!!

We pulled up, and found out they were watching some College rowers. We decided to wait until they came out - there were only 10 people or so there, and we were about 10 meters away from the exit. Elizabeth & I talked about what they were having for lunch - she thought he was having a burger and she was having chips. And then Elizabeth said (on her own), "I like ice and water. I think Pwince Chawming likes . . . a beer! Like Daddy!!!" I laughed and laughed - and so did their police escorts who were waiting listening to our chat.
After about 5 minutes, during which we went through the all menu and drink possibilities for Kate & Will, they emerged. I was really terrible at the photography by now because by this point Elizabeth was exhausted and needed a carry, and it is awkward holding her and Matthew's heavy camera at the same time, let alone focusing and zooming, etc etc.
The mini crowd was all laughing and cheerful, and having phone calls with friends that went something like this, "Hey Jeff, you'll never guess who's having a pint at the Fort St George?? Prince William himself!! ha! I wonder if they made him pay for it!!" etc etc.

Here is one last, terribly blurry but still exciting photograph for your enjoyment. Squint hard.

I feel silly saying this, but it is wild that the future King and Queen of England were in a pub that I have been to so many times. That's pretty wild, right?


mere said...

so wild!!!

Brie said...

Omg, I am so jealous! That is crazy cool you got to see them, and so up close! What a great way to end your time in Cambridge, hey? :)

Also, about your maximum photo upload reached - you might want to host your photos on like photobucket and then upload the photos to your blog from there. It's super easy. You just create a free photobucket account, upload photos to it and then it provides you a link which you insert in html onto your blog. You can also share your photos on photobucket with your friends and family should you wish to. (I'm sure there are other sites you can use too, I just personally like photobucket!) :)

Brooke said...

You've really lived in England...seeing royalty. I love toddler conversations too. They make great company when they get what they want.

Sapna said...

What a great post! Sounds like you and Elizabeth had a lovely day watching royalty ...and it's amazing that you found a roundabout way to post pics again :)