Thursday, 1 November 2012

Things, Things, Things

I have started the anxiety-ridden process of planning our return to Canada. I feel like all of a sudden, my very sparse home is full of stuff  that I have to sell/give away/throw out. And I am planning in reverse - as in, what can I get rid of now and not notice for the next 7 weeks? Microwave? No, I need that. Kettle? Defo need that. Lego set that Elizabeth never plays with? Gone. 

So far, I've sold some of Elizabeth's toys on gumtree (aka kijiji for England), and today someone is coming to pick up a little toy chair & a high chair. No sweat, she doesn't use them anyways.

 I got a little bit over zealous in my photograph-taking and gumtree-ad-placing, and took photos of her crib & change table. Seriously Jammy? If someone responds and wants to buy it - what will Elizabeth sleep in??? Time to get a grip!

But on that note . . . anyone want some of our stuff?

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