Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lack of Focus

I started getting pictures together from when Larry & Gina visited earlier this month. Between us, Matthew & I had taken approximately 8,000 photos, so this sorting out process can be lengthy. My excuse for tons of pics is (a) poor photography skills (ie more photos = more chances for one good shot) and (2) crappy blackberry camera. I don't know what Matthew's excuse is, as he has proven time and time again that he is an excellent photographer, and he has a "real" camera. (And he actually knows how it works, and talks about apertures, f-stops and exposure times, blah blah blah...)

So anyways. I started the sorting out, and collage-d up these shots of Elizabeth
Then I realized that we had about 600 shots of Elizabeth chasing pigeons outside the British Museum, so I had to collage those bad boys:

Then I realized I should probably put in photos of the people who came all the way to England to visit us... So I made these of Elizabeth with her beloved grandparents:

And while making those collages, I discovered we had roughly 40 pictures of Larry making his, "What's going on over there??" face. For those of you who know him, you know he makes that face often, and for those of you who don't, it looks like this:

And then I started remembering what we actually did together. We punted to Grantchester. We actually toured King's College. We went to London for a really lovely day at the British Museum and Covent Garden. And then I remembered the great Egyptian tombs that we saw at the Museum, and how nice the faces on them are. Really, these faces are so relaxed and calming, don't you think?

Then I started laughing as I remembered all the times Gina took my picture at the museum, as I did the same poses as the sculptures & artifacts. I have labelled the photos, in case you can't tell which is me, and which are the ancient sculptures.

And then I remembered this tomb-thing that I probably read about and thought it was pretty neat, but how I really just wanted to turn it into a puppet theatre... good thing Matthew was there to stop me.

I think this blog proves two things: (1) I'm a total dork, and (2) a sign of a good visit is a scattered blog post full of things that make me laugh.

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