Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I'm a Bit Freaked Out

Every parent thinks their kid is the smartest, funniest, happiest, etc-iest kid in the world. That's a given. So, obviously, I think Elizabeth is pretty darned amazing. But every so often, she does something that is kind of mensa-esque and I get a bit creeped out that she's only 2.

A couple weeks ago, when Larry & Gina were visiting, we went into London for the day. It was a fantastic day, where everything just worked out. You know, the trains were at a decent time, it didn't rain, Elizabeth had a super nap in her stroller at a convenient time - we happened to be at the British Museum, so it was ideal - and it was an all-around lovely day. We ended up going to Covent Garden, and we took a bus to get there. We have never taken a bus there before, always the tube. As we were walking up to the square, Elizabeth said, "Mum, I want to see the eggs." We were both a bit confused - what the what was she talking about?? She said, "Yes, the eggs Mummy. The big eggs. I want to see them."

She was referring to the Great Easter Egg Hunt that was held in Covent Garden in April. Remember this?? So she remembered a one-time event, seven months later, when we weren't even in the square yet, and we were approaching it from a different direction. I was totally flabbergasted.

Then last week, she was colouring and drawing, and I showed her how to use a ruler to make straight lines. So she drew this:

And I said, "What do you see?" and she said, "It's the letter H. I see. . . 7 lines."

I started to correct her, to say there was only 3 lines, and then . . .I stopped myself. 

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Brooke said...

She must be the daughter of a scientist to be so smart.