Thursday, 12 July 2012

Wah, wah, wah, Edmontonians.

It feels like everyone I know who lives in Edmonton is upset about having an actual summer. May I present to you a true English summer day:

Yesterday, July 11, at 10:58, the sky was a bit cloudy, but there were still small sections of blue poking out from behind the clouds. We were at our playgroup, anxiously waiting for 11:00, since that's when our group gets to move from the inside play area to the outside play area. Then this happened, at exactly 11:02.

Elizabeth, being two, insisted on going out, and since I know that water isn't going to break her or melt her, I didn't really mind. Being the drop-out Girl Guide that I am, I was only 50% prepared, so she went and played in a rain coat and sandals. I was so surprised that (a) I was the only Mum who had brought a raincoat for her child, and (b)she was the only toddler insisting on going out to play!!

And she had the time of her life!! She was soaked to the thighs, and her hair was wet (she pretend-showered under a drain spout), and she was delighted! The venue is shared among multiple nursery group & playgroups, so we had to go back inside at 11:30, and guess what happened at 11:27?
It's like the rain shower never happened! England weather is so weird.

Elizabeth spent the rest of the playgroup in her diaper & shirt, and didn't mind one bit.

And luckily, my friend Zuliana had a spare pair of trousers for Elizabeth to wear home - they were size 6-12 months, but they were dry. Thank goodness for that, because her jeans were so wet that I could wring water out of them. :)
So next time you find yourselves saying it's too hot in July, just think of us, in 12-18° and rain, and just go eat some ice cream and popsicles, okay? :)

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Sapna said...

Lol! Okay...I have to say though, I am looking forward to an English winter next year :)