Sunday, 8 July 2012

Being in Canada: A Pictorial

We went to Canada in June. Here's what we did.

Spent time with Elizabeth's cousins, Eeffie, Emiwy and Betta:

Spent times with Grandparents, Great-Aunts & Uncles, and Great-Grandparents:

Ate a lot of treats, ice cream and candy:

Spent time with friends:

Spent time with friends in various states of undress:

Elizabeth remained super beautiful and cute, despite a 7 hour time change:

Spent a total of 4 hours in cars to and from the airports, 4 hours total in Heathrow & Edmonton International airports, and 17 1/2 hours in flight:

Can you say, "whirlwind trip"? Elizabeth is a pro-traveller.

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