Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Sunday in Lonkers: Photos, Photos, Photos

We wanted to go into London sometime this weekend, because there was a display of big, decorative Easter eggs in Covent Garden Market. So yesterday, we miraculously were up and out the door in time to catch a train at 9:32!! That is pretty amazing - especially considering the ride to the station is about 25 minutes, and Matthew does it with a stroller strapped to his back. We brought rain gear with us, since the forecast was gloomy - and since we were prepared for it, it didn't rain at all!

One of the best parts about going to London with Matthew is that he brings his camera, so there are (a) one million photos, and (b) they are all good. That one was clearly taken with my phone, and is the only bad photo in this entire post. That is my Easter gift to you.

We had a really lovely, lovely day in town. Normally I get stressed out just being in London, but I was totally relaxed all day, and just had fun with my little family.

We saw the eggs:

We 'appreciated' the eggs:

We appreciated the eggs a lot:

We did the required 'photo-swap' with another couple of tourists:

We waited while Matthew took some really cool photos of eggs:

And then we had a break for "someone" to run after pigeons:

While Elizabeth had a little snooze, we had a pub lunch and then walked towards St. James's park. Eliz woke up just as we were getting to the park, and then we fed the ducks and geese and the Queen's swans. Check it out: one of the Queen's ducks has a blue beak!!! (I don't know if the ducks are technically "Hers" but whatever, she owns mostly everything in England, right?)

Matthew took some more great photos of us and Lonkers in the springtime:

Then we made our way down to Buckingham Palace - we knew Liz and Phil were there, because the Union Jack was flying high, but I guess they were having their Easter lunch because they didn't come out to see us... we waited for awhile, but I guess they wanted some family time too. Fair enough.

I tried my hand at taking nice pictures:

And then got this great shot of my two favourite people in a pretty great location:

We went through Canada Gate into Green Park, and then decided we'd have a 'less-is-more' kind of day. It is always a tricky decision - you can either squeeze another activity in, and risk toddler meltdown but feel like you got "more" out of your day, or  you can get out while you're ahead, and head home earlier but happier. It's taken us awhile, but with a toddler, inevitably, less really is more. Back home to Cambreej for the Hawkeyes!
Happy Easter!

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