Friday, 6 April 2012

A Cambreejian Sort of Day

This morning, Matthew & I felt like the vultures from Jungle Book. 

 This is day one of FOUR (!!) Daddy days, and we have no plans at all for the long Easter weekend. This can either be very freeing or very boring. Luckily, our neighbours Anggi & Dippo told us they were taking their daughter Bianca to an Easter party at their church this morning. Woot! We were instantly energized, and were showered, dressed & ready to go in 30 minutes. Nothing like motivation!

They go to Holy Trinity Church, right by the Market square. It's still pretty fun to go into a church that looks like this - it's easy to forget we live in a city with an active church that's over 800 years old. Our country is only 145 years old . . . Canada is such a baby. 

We helped Elizabeth make an Easter card, sang songs (she was mesmerized by the guitar) and learned a lesson about grace. I kind of lost the thread of the lesson, but in the end a leader had to put his feet in a bucket of baked beans - whether or not anything is retained by the children doesn't matter: they saw a dude stand in a bucket of beans. And that is really what Easter is about.

Then there was an Easter Egg Hunt, in the gardens of Sidney Sussex college. Elizabeth's first Easter Egg Hunt was in this completely picturesque English garden:

There was a lot of searching:

And a lot of finding eggs:

And a lot of running around and then being distracted:

After the hunt, we all went for lunch at our fave place. Everyone loves Wagamama's, right? On the way home, as predicted & expected, Elizabeth fell asleep on Matthew's bike. I took that opportunity to run into the Co-op for the necessities: milk, yogurt, beer and wine. This is why bike baskets were invented:

Now, time for a drink before she wakes up! Happy Easter everyone!

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