Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mummy's Birthday is Everyone's Birthday

I celebrated my 30th birthday in January, and while it was kind of a regular day all around, it was also a really lovely, wonderful, enjoyable day. We went to our regular playgroup, had 3 meals and a bunch of snacks, and played. It was just a really nice day.

But, in truth, the real story of the day was more like this:
 0745: Elizabeth wakes up (Mini sleep in = best gift ever. I came downstairs, and Matthew had decorated for me!)

0830: Matthew goes to work (I skyped with my friend Brianne, Elizabeth Little Peopled. Then we danced around the house with umbrellas, pretending to be Gene Kelly. )
0900: shower and get dressed (Elizabeth jumped on our bed while I dressed her and laughed at her giggling.)
1000: playgroup (I got to drink a cup of coffee and eat cake while Elizabeth played with her friends. All the Mummies had a good chat and laugh at our cute children.)
11145: home from the playgroup, get lunch ready (Elizabeth got to watch 15 miniutes of Cinderella.)
1200: Lunch. (Elizabeth's favourite food: rice, turkey breast, corn and peas in cream of vegetable soup. During lunch, I read her favourite books, we sang "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes", and talked about Cinderella and the mousies, and we sang all her favourite nursery rhymes. She had 3 yogurt popsicles, just because she wanted them. And then before I did the dishes, she did the "washy-washy" and got water all over the counter, floor and chair she stood on.)
1300:  We played. (I played some great tunes and we had a dance party. We put on tutus and head bands, and did "spinny spinny" and fell over. She balanced on my feet to dance with me. I showed her how to balance on one foot. More Gene Kelly-ing. Lots of spinning and falling down.)
Excuse the blurriness - it's really tough to get a self-portrait while dance partying.
1415:Elizabeth napped. I got dinner ready. (I watched two episodes of ER - season 4, I'm totally into it - and leisurely chopped and diced and whatevered. My lovely neighbour, Anggi, dropped by with a chocolate cake!! Then I read two whole pages of my book before Eliz woke up.)
1615:  Elizabeth wakes up, totally starving, so had an early dinner at 1630. (She asked for cereal and banana: she got it. She asked for rice: she got it. I gave her a chicken drumstick from leftovers: she ate the whole thing. She asked for chocolate cake: she got a piece. She asked for cucumber: she got a whole lot of that, peeled and everything. She asked for more cake - she got that too! Then we just had more dance partying.)
1800: Matthew came home (More dance partying)
Even blurry with a photographer! Such great dancers!

1830-2000: Our friends came over and we had dinner (Elizabeth stood on a regular chair instead of sitting in her high chair, because she asked to. She entertained us with stories galore. We all really enjoyed the meal... well, I assume 'we all' did, because I really did. Matthew shared his lemon tart with Elizabeth because I outright refused to share mine.)

2000: Elizabeth goes to bed (Really, all we have to do now is just put her jammies on and she kind of starts pointing at her bed and saying, "Bed. Please. Naaaight-naaaight. I wuv oo MummyDaddy MummyDaddy. Soo-der. Bed. Please.")
2000-bedtime: Good times with good friends. (More champagne. More laughing. More great-day-ing. We taught them Yahtzee, because South Africa doesn't have Yahtzee. Can you believe that?!? I did a lot of laughing and a lot of champagning.) 

So you can see, Elizabeth pretty much had her best day too. It should be Mummy's birthday at least once every 3 months.

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just me said...

This is far too cute! I forgot to wish you a happy birthday. So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Los Angeles!